Naming Conventions - Common Prefixes Dyanmics AX

Subject Area Object Prefix

A subject area specific application object is prefixed with the name of the subject area the object belongs to, for example Cust*, Invent*, Ledger*, Proj*, Vend*.

WMSOrderSplit CustBankAccount CustBalanceCurrency InventAccountType

Application Area Object Prefix

An application area object is prefixed with the name of the application area the object belongs to.

Aif* Sys*

When creating new elements, ensure that you follow the recommended naming conventions. Any future development and maintenance will be much easier.

Ax Microsoft Dynamics AX typed data source

Axd Microsoft Dynamics AX business document

Asset Asset management

BOM Bill of material

COS Cost accounting

Cust Customer

Dir Directory, global address book

EcoRes Economic resources

HRM/HCM Human resources

Invent Inventory management

JMG Shop flor control

KM Knowledge management

Ledger General ledger

PBA Product builder

Prod Production

Proj Project

Purch Purchase

Req Requirements

Sales Sales

SMA Service management

SMM Sales and marketing management, also called customer relationship management (CRM)

Sys Application frameworks and development tools

Tax Tax engine

Vend Vendor

Web Web framework

WMS Warehouse management