Database movement from Tier 1 to Tier 1

  1. In GOLD, export GOLD bak file
  2. In MIG, stop all services: Batch, DIXF, MR
  3. In MIG, backup AXDB MIG
  4. in MIG, AxDB to AxDB_Orgi
  5. In MIG, Create AxDB_New
  6. In MIG,resotre GOLD to AxDB_New
  7. AxDB_Gold to AxDB
  8. Start all the services and resett IIS in LCS
  9. DB Sync
ALTER DATABASE AxDB SET Single_user With Rollback immediate
alter database AxDB Modify name = AxDB_Orig
alter database AxDB_Orig SET MULTI_USER
alter database AxDB_Gold Modify name = AxDB
select * from [USERINFO]