How to upgrade to Visual Studio 2017, .NET 4.7.2 for PU36/10.0.12 and higher

For the upcoming Dynamics 365 Finance Updates, Visual Studio 2017 and .NET runtime 4.7.2 required for PU36/10.0.12 or higher; New VMs deployed with PU36/10.0.12 or higher will have Visual Studio 2017 as well as .NET runtime 4.7.2 already installed.

For your dev/test/build Tier1 VMs, Microsoft recommends just redeploying a new VM, and you will be all set!

If you cannot deploy new VMs, please follow below steps to update .NET runtime, VS 2017 before installing PU36/10.0.12 or higher, this will be applied for cloud-hosted environment

1. Download VS Professional 2017 15.9 2. The .NET runtime download is available


You need to install Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.Tools.Installer and then Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.Tools.InternalDevTools. After the installation, open the VS2017 if you should see Dynamics 365 menu extension like below


AX is shutting down due to an error. Serialization version mismatch detect, make sure the runtime dlls are in sync with the deployed metadata. Version of file ‘194’. Version of dll ‘193’. {:.error}

Overall, there is no change in the compiler, metadata; this is only an update to the Visual Studio extensions and NET runtime for the tier1 VMs.