Dynamics 365 Finance Operations upgrade questionaire

1Organization StructureExplain the Organization structure and hierarchy - how many legal entities/companies are involved in the AX 2009(or Current Implemented AX Version) implementation and how the org structure has been configured in AX 2009(or Current Implemented AX Version)
2Implemented Business Processes in AX 2009(or Current Implemented AX Version)What does AX 2009(or Current Implemented AX Version)(or Current Implemented AX Version) do currently ? What is the main purpose of the current system for example for the supply chain management, only for material planning etc.
3Business CriticalityWho or How does the current system impact business ?
What are the business critical operations AX 2009(or Current Implemented AX Version) currently running?
What is the primary reason to upgrade to AX 2012(or Target AX Version) now?
4ModulesIs AX 2009(or Current Implemented AX Version) Retail and POS/MPOS currently used?
5ModulesIs Enterprise Portal functionalities in AX deployed?
6ModulesThe number of modules used in the current system and list down the same
7ModulesWhich of the implemented modules has undergone major changes ?
8Customizations Done in AXIs there any specific customizations for your business done in the current system. List out the major customizations done
9Coding & any other standardsIs there any specific coding standards following in the current system
10Data MigrationWhat are the key data maintained in current system ? What are the critical transactional information available? Do you want to migrate all the transactions into AX 2012(or Target AX Version)
11Integration InformationWhat information flow into AX from other systems and does AX provide information to other systems in your environment? Which systems are dependent on AX 2009(or Current Implemented AX Version) for their operations.
Please provide a list of the integrating systems along with data being exchanged between AX and the other system
12ReportsWhat are the reports which you use most frequently from AX 2009(or Current Implemented AX Version)? Provide a list of Custom Reports which were developed for Customer needs in AX 2009(or Current Implemented AX Version)
13Deployment informationAre there region specific localizations deployed?
14Deployment informationAre there remote users connecting to the central / distributed access point. Kindly indicate technologies used for remote connectivity
15Deployment informationInformation about the license, security roles and configuration keys used during the implementation
16Deployment informationIs this a single site implementation or multi-site. Please provide with a detailed deployment document indicating geographies and technologies used.
17Deployment informationWhat is the current volume of the Production database (in GB) ?
18Deployment informationWhat platform does it run on? Database/OS used? Is it hosted in data center or is it on premise
19DocumentsCan you provide us with Documentation on the implemented system like - Functional Requirement Document (FRD) or the Business Process Analysis (BPA) document and Data Flow Diagram Document (DFD) that was prepared during the implementation
20DocumentsCan you provide us with the Solution Design Document & Technical Design Document for the customizations that are deployed in the current AX environment
21ISV / Add On SolutionsIf the requirement is to upgrade to AX 2012(or Target AX Version), will Customer liaison with ISV & Third Party Add On Solution providers for compatibility with AX 2012(or Target AX Version) and support issues ?
22ISV / Add On SolutionsPlease provide us with the documentation on ISV / Add On Solution like its functionality, data touch points with AX, integration method with AX.
23ISV / Add On SolutionsWhat are the ISV / AX Add-on Solutions used . Kindly confirm.
24IT StaffDefine the roles and responsibilities of the staff involved in maintaining the current application? E.g. ERP Manager, System Admin etc.
25TestingAre Test Cases used for Testing the AX 2009(or Current Implemented AX Version) system available with you?
26User and User RolesWho are the targeted users for the current system like only finance department, only supply chain users accountants etc.
27User and User RolesWhat are the total number of named and concurrent users on AX 2009(or Current Implemented AX Version)? What is the peak load of concurrent users
28SupportAre you on an Active Support Plan for AX 2009(or Current Implemented AX Version) with Microsoft? Do you have an AX 2012(or Target AX Version) license or plan to upgrade in future?
29LocalizationIs the GLS Layer implemented for you in AX 2009(or Current Implemented AX Version)?
30PartnerIs an AX Partner locally providing you day to day operations support ? Do you intend to use the same partner after AX 2012(or Target AX Version) upgrade?
31Cloud UsageDo you use Cloud Infrastructure for any of your IT systems?
32Cloud UsageDo you use Microsoft Azure for any application?
33Cloud UsageDo intend to use AX with Azure?

List customizations

Functional AreaDescription of CustomizationHow is this Customization useful to businessAdditional Comments

List integration

#Integration DescriptionExternal SystemTypeDirectionAX Module/ Table updated by this integrationWhy is this integration useful to business?Additional Comments from Customer