Simple summary Keys are in Dynamics AX

  • There is a maximum of one Primary Key per table, whereas a table can have several alternate keys. The primary key is usually the type of key that other tables, called child tables, refer to when a foreign key field in those other tables need a relational identifier.

  • For new tables the default is a primary key based on the RecId field , incremented number or a completely meaningless number that is generated by the system surrogate key. A surrogate key is a system-generated value that acts as the primary key of a table. This value is typically used instead of a set of fields called the natural key which would typically act as the primary key of a table. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 uses Recld as the surrogate key.

  • Alternate key can be chosen as the Replacement Key of a table that can display on forms instead of a meaningless numeric primary key value. Each table can have a maximum of one replacement key.

  • Natural key has meaning to people. Most replacement keys are natural keys.

  • Relations represents a foreign key.

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