Visual Studio Tips for Dynamics 365 Finance Operations

Some configurations that you should make for Visual studio in newly deplopyed FinOps environments. 1. Show line number Open Visual studio as Administrator right. Click on the Dynamics 365 drop down menu on the toolbar and select Options. Text editor -> X++ Show line number 2. Best practice rules Click on the Dynamics 365 drop down menu on the toolbar and select Options. In Dynamics 365, select Best Practices and select each of the following: Microsoft.

A comparison between Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management and Dynamics 365 Business Central in terms of features, capabilities and suitability for different types of businesses

The basic comparation that helps you choose which solution is optimized for your company. Dynamics 365 Finance Operations Dynamics 365 Business Central Dynamics 365 Finance Operations applications that are specifically designed to connect individuals, procedures, information, and insights across various business areas such as finance, project management, human resources, supply chain, and commerce. It allows for flexible deployment options and the ability to adapt to new business priorities as needed. A all-in-one business management tool that assists small and medium-sized businesses in integrating their financial, sales, service, and operations teams through a single user-friendly application that can be implemented quickly.

Extend on-hand inventory entities FinOps

There are some entities that you can use to get the on-hand inventory from Dynamics 365 Finance Operations: 1 2 3 4 5 6 InventorySiteOnHandEntity InventorySiteOnHandV2Entity InventWarehouseInventoryStatusOnHandEntity InventWarehouseInventoryStatusOnHandV2Entity InventWarehouseOnHandEntity InventWarehouseOnHandV2Entity You can extend the ententies by adding new fields to tables and entities. After you add fields to tables that are used by the inventSiteOnHandView view, you must sync the engine so that the extensions are correctly recognized.

Reservation and on-hand inventory in warehouse management

1. Inventory reservation hierarchy in Warehouse management The reservation functionality can be used only for items that are enabled for warehouse management processes. However, if an item is itself enabled for warehouse management processes, it can be used both in warehouses that are enabled for warehouse management processes and warehouses that are not. The behavior in reservation scenarios is different, depending on the warehouse setup. The functionality is built on reservation hierarchies and is intended to support the following:

How to get FinOps Azure storage blob connection string

In Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Azure storage is used to Store files for Attachments Data import and export jobs When FinOps prints a report via Document Reporting Services, SSRS Reporting Services generates an EMF image for each page of the generated document. FinOps then temporarily saves the generated EMF files to Azure Blob storage. Printing archive And more! If you are using tier 1 Cloud-Hosted environment, you can find the azure storage from the Azure resource group in Azure portal.

How to remove SSRS reports in FinOps Cloud-Hosted

There are 2 ways that you can delete SSRS reports in FinOps cloud-Hosted 1. Using Report server configuiration manager web portal Open Report server configuiration manager from your VM FinOps Cloud-Hosted and active the Web Portal 2022-10-20-how-to-remove-ssrs-reports-in-d365-1 You can delete any report from [Servername]/Reports/browse/Dynamics 2022-10-20-how-to-remove-ssrs-reports-in-d365-3 2. Using Powershell script Go to RemoveAllReportsFromSsrs.ps1 under K:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory\Plugins\AxReportVmRoleStartupTask Run the script to remove all SSRS report. If you want to remove a specific report, you can manipulate the $ReportName